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Brooke & Mary - Casting Director Workshop

I had a great time attending my first workshop with Brooke & Mary at Envision Studios. I signed up for the Casting Director 1-night workshop via Casting Loop. Four casting directors were in attendance:

David Morris of Grande Morris Casting

Lisa Fischoff of Broadcasters

Doreen Frumkin of Doreen Frumkin Casting

David Bellantoni of Beth Melsky Casting

and of course Mary Egan Callahan was there, of House Casting and Brooke & Mary Commercial Class fame.

I read some commercial copy, had fun taking the CD's notes and giving them a whirl. We all had some snacks, drank some vino, and I even connected with David Bellantoni on being a UCSB alum - Go Gauchos! Looking forward to making more connections in the future and auditioning for these folks!

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